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Kodak Lens | Toronto Eyecare

‍‍‍‍‍‍COMPLETED: 2017

Trust, Teamwork, Commitment, Communication and Innovation is Kodak Lens’ core values.  The company has a solid reputation across Europe and plans to do the same across North America.  With two highly successful stores in operation Kodak Lens was prepared to make an impact to downtown Toronto.  The flagship Kodak Lens | Toronto Eyecare located at Yonge Street and Elm Street is the new paradigm for the Kodak Lens store brand.  

Having received feedback from the previous stores, this store was to be a unique design. Even more so, the unique floor layout within the century old building predetermined the layout of the space.  Centralizing the reception desk upon entry with flanking eye product displays along the walls creates a circular flow throughout the dispensing area. A glass box creates a semi-private space for pre-examination showcasing the advancement of optometry and technology.  Adding shelving affixed t‍‍‍o the transparent walls allows for additional product placement in a space much smaller then the previous stores.  The individually coloured frame displays fractures the repetitive arrangement of the boards as seen previously.  The suspended ceiling balances the spatial experience within the dispensary..

Professional images accredited to Eyetrust.ca Corp.

3D Visualization‍‍‍

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