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Kodak Lens |

Vision Centre

‍‍‍‍‍‍COMPLETED: 2013

This was the kickstarter project for the very first Kodak Lens store in North America.  Having seen success in Europe, it was better late than never to introduce the K‍‍‍odak Lens brand.

Creating a brand precedence in a saturated eyewear market would need to focus primarily with the store appearance.  Having drawn some influence from the minimalist styles of the stores located in Germany.  We had the opportunity to come up with a store look that was unique to Kodak Lens (but with a budget restraint).  

The dispensary takes up the majority of the floor space presenting the Kodak Lens product at eye level.  The row of low consultation tables is juxtaposed with the standalone gallery boards breaking the balance of the space.  The space currently displays over 1700 pairs of glasses.


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